Let In The Brilliant Light Of Morning

June 2019

21 thoughts on “Let In The Brilliant Light Of Morning

  1. The area is very huge and with the sunlight, it’s brightened up. It looks like a light of a truck though, from its’ size and how bright it is.

  2. Wow, awesome picture! It has a divine, supernatural feel and has great focus on light.

  3. Okay I thought it was some kind of spotlight shining through. This is really brilliant work!

  4. Whaooo this is a wonderful photography captured work. The captured light makes me get a flash back on the scripture that says ‘let there be light and there was light’.

  5. The picture is just great…the way the light is captured is wonderful.. I love it

  6. I love the effect of the light in the picture, it looks to me like hope when all seems lost and destroyed.

  7. I always envy this brilliant light of the morning. It always alluring and enchanting. it really get better on a very hot day.Nice caption for the photo.

  8. Flicker of light I can interpret this to be there’s always hope for the hopeless. Darkness can never overwhelmed light

  9. Is it just me or despite of this being underground I find it stunning? The light and the flooring makes it pop. Not to mention the building is not that old yet.

  10. I think this light comes from an artificial light like a flash light. The setting doesn’t look like its dawn.

  11. It seems like the place have been abandoned for quite some time. The floor tells it all. The bright ray of light signifies new hope.

  12. The brilliant light rays gives some life to this long abandoned building. Its like something good can still come out of here.

  13. The light from the distance looks like the sun. Though the looks like an underground parking.

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