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Life Is A Highway

Life Is A Highway

April 2020

17 responses to “Life Is A Highway”

  1. This photograph refers to the fact that life is a highway which we freely travel along the sidewalk that corresponds to us, we make our own decisions and decide which way to go, but if we do not make good decisions, on the way we will find accidents of which we were not prepared.

  2. Life is truly an highway, a times looking at the past makes our current state better. Lovely picture, so clean.

  3. Life is a highly, so we need watch well to go any direction. You made the shot from the perfect angle.

  4. We are responsible on the path or direction we take on the life highway. I love the effect, looks really perfect

  5. Life is a highway, the enjoyment you get depends on the lane you choose. I really love travelling and driving.

  6. Life is indeed a highway, where you can choose to slow down or stop at the side. But we should also remember that life, like a highway, is also something that cannot be stopped – one must always move on forward to get to the destination where one wants to be.

  7. I like the title here almost like a quote. Life is a high way indeed. We get what we see.

  8. Life is really a highway, there are times we push ourselves to make things happen speeding through life without taking sometime out to reflect on our actions. However, in life there are times we need to soft peddle.

  9. Wonderful picture Tom, the tittle matches really well. I think that since life is a highway we need to continue until the end.

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