• jolly555

    This is true, because it is inevitable that our life will end one day but the fact is as it begun? are you making progress and are we actually living.

  • joynb

    It is quite difficult to make a very definitive description as to when “life” starts and when it “ends”. We all have an idea of what “immortality” means, but everything about the concept is just that – a concept. Perhaps, what we can do as “mortals” is to live our lives every single day.

  • David Tjoe

    Yeah, that’s right! And remember “No need to fear facing the dark of the night, because tomorrow the sun will surely rise tomorrow.”

  • Wilson Jake

    So many life ended even before starting. We should live our lifes to the full. Life itself is a risk, we cant always play it save always

  • Prince

    Looking deeply as this quote, it’s a deep quote. A fulfilled life is a life that accomplishes his or her purpose before death. I love this quote and I pray we all fulfill our obligations here on earth

  • brainedet

    Yes, we should worried more about living a fulfilled life than dying. No need thinking about only death when life is so difficult.

  • Glad

    These are really strong words, there is nothing like living the life you desire. Living the life you were created to live, some times it takes a push, other times it takes a change of mindset and you would start living.

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