August 2018

14 thoughts on “Like A Poisonous Mushroom, Deadly

  1. The mushroom looks very soft like a japanesse Umbrella,I could never things it’s a poisson mushroom.

  2. This is beautiful but I would not even eat it. For one it helps to be careful since some variants are poisonous. Admiring its beauty is enough.

  3. Yea, this looks like the kind of mushroom that isn’t edible in my country but I love the mushroom, it very delicious especially with soup.

  4. I don’t like mushroom that much though my mum sometimes uses it to dress our rice or grains. But I have not really liked it.

  5. This mushroom is not to be trifled with. I love the mulch surrounding it and its strong base from the soil.

  6. Mare looks on the mushrooms can not tell if they are poisonous or not. Thanks for this post. Your photography here is clear enough for reasonable view.

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