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May 2016

13 responses to “Lilac”

  1. Oh, how love lovely these little flowers are. It always boosts my mood whenever I see one. Thank you for sharing this beautiful photo.

  2. I really like the blur effect on the background. It makes the foreground more pronounced.

  3. Purple has always been my favorite color. That’s why I love this photo so much.

  4. Great focus in this picture. Very striking imagery and the purple and green are magnificent. Thanks for the excellent shot!

  5. I Love how it is being held together like a grape he he. Is it the same flower that a head ornament of gods are made of or is it olives?

  6. I think purple flowers are very unique. I don’t see many purple flowers in the place where I live in.

  7. A tasteful captured photo. I love beautiful flowers and the well nurtured ones. There are all eyes candy

  8. purple and green this is a great combination. The arrangement of the flowers gives it a unique outlook.

  9. Such lovely and delicate flowers. I really like how you seem to make time stop for all your subjects and invite people to be able to take in each emotion and capture them perfectly each and every time.

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