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Little Mountain-Top Cabin


12 responses to “Little Mountain-Top Cabin”

  1. Very cool images. Little cottages on their own so to speak, on a mountainside truly represent a much more simple life focused on the beauty of nature. Love all of these!!

  2. Is someone living in it? I imagine it is a challenge to gather supplies let alone services due to its location. I agree it is beautiful but it is a beauty that comes with a price.

  3. A calm and calm mountain top for my resting pleasure. The fresh air blowing will be mind-blowing. You beautifully shot this.

  4. This is such a really perfect place to unwind. I would really have a great time just staying here to recharge my batteries from a stressful week at work.

  5. Little places like this, are lovely. I aways wanted to live surronded by nature and have a life more calm.

  6. Whaoooo this is a little but mighty house. The brilliant photography shot is well taken from a cool angle. Nice color mixture photograph. Though I have phobia for mountains. Thanks for this post Tom.

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