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Little Shack On The Mountain


Little Shack On The Mountain

June 2013

18 responses to “Little Shack On The Mountain”

  1. Could this be an abandoned shack or how? but nature is always I just like the greenish mountain. it is quite inviting

  2. The mountain is so green and the atmosphere is great. The people living in that shack would be pleased there with the vibes that come.

  3. Beautiful place. I’d love to escape from the wild city where I’m and go to live for some time in a peaceful place like that. Small quiet, and surrounded by nature.

  4. Looks like a gnome house or this would be a great landmark. for sure. It is not that grand but at least it looks sleek and clean. The photographer skills gave this further boost.

  5. Beautiful place a lot of greeneries gives this place very nice look. the family who live here are really lucky.

  6. I like to see houses made of wood and in the future, I would like to have a farm made only of wood and design it to my liking.

  7. This is a strange place to build a house. It’s difficult to access running water and electricity.

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