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Locomotive Graveyard

February 2009

13 responses to “Locomotive Graveyard”

  1. I didn’t imagine this is how it looks like inside. This is the first time that I’ve seen it. Incredibly fascinating.

  2. Even machines gets obsolete then die. It is a fact of life nothing last forever. Nothing is immortal. However, there is a lifetime.

  3. This train would have looked better in coloured not black and white..the colour makes it look like an old train

  4. I wonder how many thousands of miles those locomotives have traveled before being “put to rest” in those graveyards. I can see that despite its old age, it has been well loved, and not a lot of damage could be seen. I am quite intrigued how that circular window got broken though.

  5. I think this white and black gave it a vintage looks. You took a nice shot anyways.

  6. This train really looks very old, it qualifies for a graveyard. I love the photo though because its like an art of history.

  7. Is a great shot that gives you a very nice view of this old train. This kind of locomotives you only see them on pictures. Great work.

  8. These kinds of trains don’t exist in this day and age. Locomotive graveyard is a new term for me, but I believe its perfect description of this train anyway.

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