• Thomas

      Thanks, Laura! Most of the places I visit have been researched extensively before I photograph them, so in a sense I have a good idea of the history of the location. There are a handful of times where this is simply not possible, and it is times like these that often make me wonder about the past.

        • Thomas

          Most of the time it is cool and interesting, but sometimes it can be depressing, for example when I’m called to photograph abandoned psychiatric hospitals, and/or places that have been left to decay which have a strong historical importance and are irreplaceable.

  • Meldred Judith

    I wonder what happened in this side of the house. It’s so sad to look at. I always wonder about the story behind all this.

  • Obalade Damilola

    This is obviously a dilapidated building.. You always try to make an ugly building look nice in your photos..

  • ekimbadger

    I love the simplicity of the view outside that window. I wonder what the last person who stood there when the house wasn’t in such a dilapidated state was thinking about.

  • Rae

    Where are you finding these places? Your photos are definitely one of my inspirations in making games. Love the mysterious atmosphere that it has to it!

  • jolly555

    I know we can see different things looking through this window. For me I see something bright and natural.Nice shot too.

  • joy

    The scene beyond the windows looks more like an extension of the interior because of the mossy nature of the walls. I just wished a filter was used to soften the glare from the sky. Nice photo still.

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