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Look Out Any Window

August 2013

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    • Thanks, Laura! Most of the places I visit have been researched extensively before I photograph them, so in a sense I have a good idea of the history of the location. There are a handful of times where this is simply not possible, and it is times like these that often make me wonder about the past.

        • Most of the time it is cool and interesting, but sometimes it can be depressing, for example when I’m called to photograph abandoned psychiatric hospitals, and/or places that have been left to decay which have a strong historical importance and are irreplaceable.

  1. I wonder what happened in this side of the house. It’s so sad to look at. I always wonder about the story behind all this.

  2. This is obviously a dilapidated building.. You always try to make an ugly building look nice in your photos..

  3. I love the simplicity of the view outside that window. I wonder what the last person who stood there when the house wasn’t in such a dilapidated state was thinking about.

  4. Where are you finding these places? Your photos are definitely one of my inspirations in making games. Love the mysterious atmosphere that it has to it!

  5. I know we can see different things looking through this window. For me I see something bright and natural.Nice shot too.

  6. The scene beyond the windows looks more like an extension of the interior because of the mossy nature of the walls. I just wished a filter was used to soften the glare from the sky. Nice photo still.

  7. The colors on this photo blend together beautifully. I’d really want to know the camera you use.

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