April 2016

21 thoughts on “Lost Dog

  1. They say a dog can make its way back to its master? I do not know if this is true but if it is then this dog should not be lost ha ha Just saying!!!That said what breed is he? Where is his master?

  2. The dog looks really curious on the person taking the picture. I hope the dog will find its way home. It is really sad to know if the owner of the dog abandoned it.

  3. This looks a very confused dog, I hope it will find the way home very soon to avoid more harm. The dog look harmless too

  4. Perhaps that dog is feeling a bit lost along the Road of Life. Much like some of us, on occasion. I hope that he finds his master, and his purpose, soon enough.

  5. If lost, I don’t think the dog will have a hard time finding a new home. I know for sure I’d take him in.

  6. That’s a cute pup. Has a sense of purpose in his eyes like he knows his way home even if he’s far away. Great light focus. Thanks for sharing, Tom.

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