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Magic Lantern

June 2017

22 responses to “Magic Lantern”

  1. These are such beautiful magic lanterns. They look so nice floating in the ceiling.

  2. I love the color combinations of this magic lanterns. When they are lite, the make the room look so nice,as its not too bright or too dull.

  3. These magic lanterns would turn your room into a beautiful haven. They literally add color and passion to a room.

  4. If my roof looked like this I would be the happiest person on earth. They are super adorable!

  5. These kinds of lanterns are a familiar site at Chinese households in Malaysia, especially during Chinese New Year. Red is usually the colour of choice, however; where did you take this photo, by the way?

    It’s a nice photo, too.

  6. This makes me appreciate lanterns more. I would prefer the white color though. That way the light wont be blurry as suppose to a colored one.

  7. I love this pic!! It’s very colourful and each lantern’s unique. Thanks for the awesome shot!

  8. Definitely magical looking lstern. This can pass for an exotic designs for a home. It will lighten a house.

  9. Indeed, these lanterns a magical to look at. They are very pretty, giving and adding life to the place.

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