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Makayla And The Elephant Mural

October 2020

Rutland, Vermont, United States

21 responses to “Makayla And The Elephant Mural”

  1. This photo looks so lovely. The lady in the photo is so cute and the smiles is sso endearing. You did a nice capturing here

  2. This takes graffiti to a whole new level. Props to the artist and the model too. I have seen Makayla in various photos before and she is beautiful. wow!!!

  3. Whaooo, I love this painting job. The artist must have done a serious reasoning to achieve this.

  4. The graffiti is indeed beautiful but Makayla, being caught red handed or maybe the shot was candid makes it better. I really like the elephant, is it life sized?

  5. Makayla is really nice looking I have seen her in numerous photos here. The photo is a masterpiece; I like it.

  6. That’s a very impressive mural, I love urban art when it makes sense and has good quality details.

  7. This is just amazing. Just what I have been looking for, perfect and unique. Thank you for sharing man.

  8. Makayla’s standing as close as she can get to a giant, right now. Although the typical expression is “standing on the shoulders of giants”, there’s something to be said about the contrast between Makayla’s smiling, hopeful look, against the graffiti elephant’s almost world-weary gaze. Perhaps, even though it’s just a mural, that elephant knows a bit more about life than we do.

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