• Alex

    I do not if it was intentional or not but I love how the background is hazy? Perhaps for anyone to focus on her more than anything? Not my favorite pic in this series but it works. Props for that….

  • conrad pranze villas

    Such a nice place for a pictorial. The hazy background adds more sense to Makayla. She is really adorable and beautiful.

  • A. Rizudin

    That particular photo evokes certain feelings. Possibly nostalgic ones, for some of us.

    I mean, there’s a certain degree of beauty to the model (who I’m guessing is the Makayla in question), framed against the background of the park.

    Probably, if it were my frozen moment in time, I would envision that this would be where the girl I love (when I actually GET one) would give me a bit of an odd look when I start spouting philosophy about how nature is good for one’s spirit. *grins slightly*

    Or perhaps something a little less boring than that, I suppose. Maybe she might have some philosophical musings of her own.

    Great photo, this.

  • Mariz Tina Mispenas

    A beautiful place to take a picture. The kind of picture where in you take pride of nature. Capturing her beauty in a cozy and nice place.

  • Wv2s

    It is beautiful to see the tranquility that is breathed in a park where we can clarify our thoughts alone as Makayla does.

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