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Makayla At The Skate Park

October 2020

Andy A_Dog Williams Skatepark
Burlington, Vermont, USA

8 responses to “Makayla At The Skate Park”

  1. I really would like to learn how to skate. But I think I am already too old to learn it. I always enjoy looking at those people doing tricks in their skateboard.

  2. Nice and colorful photo work there Tom. Skaters are people I respect as a person. What a love post.

  3. We rarely see these in my country at least. Extreme games vibe huh? I wonder if she can do it. Never the less it is beautiful and perfect timing. There is no people in it.

  4. Lovely but is she skating with that skinny Jean’s? I love skating but prefer doing it with a loose pant

  5. Nice one, I love skating and seeing a lady enjoying it feels great. I will love to go back to skating days

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