October 2020

21 thoughts on “Makayla Reading And Boarding

  1. It is motivating to see people reading a book on the bus or in the park or just carrying one is a sign of civility and personal enrichment.

  2. I always find skate boarders cool. Why? I know how hard it is to skate let alone stand in one. In this. Very good shot with a beautiful model.

  3. Do you see what the shadow says” looks like she is using a camera to shoot”. Lovely output, I love your works Tom.

  4. I generally discover skateboarders cool. Why? I realize that it is so difficult to skate not to mention remain in one. Generally excellent shot with a lovely model.

  5. I love the compilation of reading while riding a skateboard. It’s a wonderful mix of intellect and fearlessness. Thanks for sharing.

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