October 2020

14 thoughts on “Makayla’s Train Hop

  1. Your cloud effects are always superb, always bringing beauty into the picture. The game day room looks really bad.

  2. This makes a static object more than it actually is and that is a good thing. From the effects to the overall qualities this is just good. Props to the model and the photographer/ This is mad skill you got here. Thanks!!!!

  3. I wonder what the lady is doing on the train? She ought to be inside enjoying the ride. However the effect of the cloud and the trees in this picture is really amazing. I wont mind staying on the train myself to enjoy a bit of nature.

  4. Train hopping is something that I have only read in books. Now, I’m seeing someone do it. I must also comment that the sky ahead looks beautiful. It also evokes some ominous feeling for me. Maybe, it will rain. I hope she has an umbrella.

  5. The clouds made the picture more lively. I really like the fact that the train survived from everything that was given to it by nature.

  6. I love the color of the sky, the train looks very big from that angle and Makayla looks small compared to the train.

  7. Wow, that’s a scary leap to take. If the train was moving, it would be so refreshing feeling the wind breeze through you.

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