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Make Up Your Own Ending And Let Me Know Just How You Feel

Make Up Your Own Ending And Let Me Know Just How You Feel

April 2020

30 responses to “Make Up Your Own Ending And Let Me Know Just How You Feel”

  1. Actually if you have your own makeup, with the passing of the years and the abandonment, the house begins to take on its natural color of aging due to the strong climatic changes.

  2. This would have been really great and cool if still occupied. Really thinking what it will cost to revive this piece. Cool effect

  3. Wonderful memories of a family fromt he past. Hopefully this house can be restored. Felt sandess upon looking at the photo.

  4. All i see a memory fading away. Lost palace, abandoned in the woods. Lovely colour, effect used. Great piece

  5. Was it the filter or the house really looks creepy? I get goosebumps looking at it.

  6. It looks like the house in the horror movie I watched. Totally creepy but it’s cool. Thanks for posting.

  7. looks like the house from the ring. except this house is in the middle of the woods and that house is near the sea.

  8. This house is a standard for some and not good for some. As for me its pretty good and cool. You even !Ade a good shoot there Tom.

  9. The landscape mode was perfect for this photo. You managed to capture the entire scene beautifully.

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