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Many Miles From My Home

Many Miles From My Home

February 2020

9 responses to “Many Miles From My Home”

  1. Being far away from home means loneliness and they only way to enjoy that is to enjoy one’s company. You don’t need anyone helping u.

  2. Overwhelming, beautiful, out of the world caption. Looks a little lonely because no building is near by. Thanks for sharing

  3. A picture full of snow.. It looks like an abandoned building miles away from the city..its the middle of nowhere.. beautiful shot

  4. The place looks like an outskirt of the town. It’s so sure its gonna be far from ones house. Nice photo output.

  5. One day will surely miss home, especially if there is someone who is waiting for his return with a smile and a hug. It’s time to go home It’s time to pause for the flow of life. It’s time to look back, bring back the meaning of family, relatives, and friends, while enjoying your mother’s cooking again.

  6. This definitely looks many miles away. Reminds me of Superman’s fortress of solitude, but a bit more shady. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I am really fascinated by this photography. The snow and environment in its entirety is beautiful. It may be miles from home from but it is sure a fascinating sight.

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