• Janet

    Such photos as this are amazing. They help us to keep in mind the journey we have traveled in the rail industry to arrive where we are.

  • jolly555

    The rail one good way of taking a road trip. unfortunately in my location it no longer exist. This is a great shot.

  • Obalade Damilola

    Railway transport has really evolved in the USA…I hope my country can keep up with the pace…Good picture

  • Rizzee Cerdeñola

    This train is similar to the one from harry potter movie. This carries real people though not witches.

  • Daphne

    When I see this train I appreciate how much we’ve developed as a civilization. It makes one appreciate humanity’s ingenuity more!

  • Miaka Yuuki

    Maryland sure love to keep tradition. It is cool though at least the next generation can still see the classics despite of the modern age. Another one on the books.

  • roberachi

    Okay this beauty looks like it was a major thing back in the day. If only i had a time machine then i would be able to enjoy and get the feeling that the ones who rode on her had.

  • David Mureithi

    When I look at such pics, it reminds me of my childhood when I would visit museums on school trips. That was the best feeling in school.

  • givans

    Memories are made from this back int the days we visited mussems to see such but now am here seeing it live.

  • Grace K

    These old school trains have been replaced by electric trains in most developed countries. Such a photo as this can serve to enlighten the new generation of how life was back in the days.

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