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Mason Lake


November 2015

20 responses to “Mason Lake”

  1. Looks so peaceful. Also you can turn the picture either ways, Still makes sense, looks the same. Nice concept

  2. Just like a mirror reproducing the lovely blue sky. I wish I personally can produce a picture as lovely as this. Thanks for sharing Tom

  3. Wow, this is beautiful. Notice the reflection of the sky on the Mason lake, it is like the sky is looking into a mirror.

  4. Awesome looking lake, well taken care of. The color blue makes it so magnificent. I like the sight.

  5. I love how the lake and the sky are mirror reflections of each other. It gives off a huge sense of serenity. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wow this is quiet a shot. I am willing to bet that the actual thing is much better? I always believe that at times cameras cannot give natures beauty justice. This is a good example of it.

  7. Your photoshoot is so beautiful to be used as a wallpaper. The picture output is so clean.

  8. Nice shot that can be downlidown for personal use. I like almost all your photos. There are always neat and clean.

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