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Master Bath (Edit)

April 2011

31 responses to “Master Bath (Edit)”

  1. I am not gonna jump into this for sure. Master bath? I do not think so. It will take a while if this tub has to get back in shape.

  2. This place looks really disgusting to me. I will leave that place immediately without having to think twice.

  3. I think even though it’s been cleaned, it still can’t be used. By seeing how the position is close to each other between the bath up with the toilet seat. This is a joke! 🙂

  4. The place looks really abandoned for a long time now. I hope it’s still safe to go in there.

  5. Another photo of an abandoned place. I can tell that the place is old because even the ceiling is deteriorating.

  6. Sure this washroom’s pretty nasty, but with a few tweaks it could be salvageable. Judging by the dirt and the brown liquid in the bathtub, you’d probably have to wear a gas mask before cleaning.

  7. It’s curious to see how the bath and the toilet are too close and there’s not enough space in the middle. I’m wondering if i t was always like that.

  8. This place needs a lot of cleaning up. I think this can be a good bathroom after all.

  9. The main bathroom is supposed to be the most used, but this bathroom has been given excessive use, so much so that it was left in poor condition.

  10. I can imagine so many wonderful hot and cozy baths that have been had there. However, I find it weird how the toilet is at the foot of the bathtub. Can’t really do anything on the toilet while there’s somebody watching you having a soak in the bathtub.

  11. Just thinking how this happened. This damage is roo much that will require a major change. Though nowadays i dont like bathing in the bath

  12. Yuck, what happened here please this place need some good jobs to be done. this looks really bad to the eyes

  13. The bathroom looks so rough and abandoned. Am sure the damage must have occurred as a result of a disaster.

  14. Used and abused. I just hope that this bathroom truly served its purpose to those person who used it.

  15. The only thing that’s looking better is the bathtub. With some innovations, there’s hope of it being used.

  16. Even as old as the room is, it’s still maintaining it’s feel and taste. It’s quite unique.

  17. This can still be managed if put in good use. This place needs some renovations to put things right.

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