July 2017

13 thoughts on “Meet Me At The Fair

  1. I missed fairs I most confess. So lovely and lots of wonderful people around…mind you funny people to. Will consider going for one this xmas season. Probably with you Toms

  2. Popcorn is my favorite sinc me childhood up until now. All I see is happiness seeing this picture. A lot of memories.

  3. I have been to theme parks but never a full blown fair. Outside of a job fair perhaps? Anyway, very colorful photo at least. A bit different than to your usual style.

  4. Even at my age now, I still love going to a fair. It gives me this happiness that fulfills my spirit.

  5. Oh wow, I’m just thinking it will look cooler in the night when all the lights are all blinking in and around that stall. It’s really part of a fair’s charm, those dazzling light displays in stores/stalls which then make people all want to buy food and drinks and play games in them.

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