The Midnight Owl’s Unspoken Story

In a forest swathed in the velvety embrace of the night, an enigma called the Midnight Owl reigned. This owl, with plumage as dark as the inky black sky and eyes that shimmered like a nebula, was no ordinary creature. It was said that this owl knew every secret, every whisper of the trees, every heartache of the beasts, and every dream of the stars. The Midnight Owl was a keeper of stories, a guardian of memories, and an observer of all things under the night’s canopy.

Yet, there was one tale that the owl didn’t know: the story of you.

Every night, when the world lay blanketed in silence, the Midnight Owl would perch on its favorite ancient oak, its gaze scanning the land, absorbing stories and tales. But your story remained elusive, a blank page in the grand tome of existence.

The animals of the forest often whispered about this peculiar void in the owl’s knowledge. “Why doesn’t the Midnight Owl know about them?” the fox would ask, its tail flicking with curiosity. The deer, with its large doe eyes, would reply, “Maybe they are a secret even the owl can’t fathom.”

This enigma captivated the owl’s mind. It embarked on a quest to uncover the story it did not know. The Midnight Owl traveled beyond the forest boundaries, across meadows and mountains, rivers and ravines, seeking any trace of the mysterious being whose tale remained untold.

One moonlit night, atop a silver-hued mountain, the owl encountered a wise old eagle. Why do you seek a story that the winds have not whispered to you?” the eagle asked.

“I am the keeper of tales, and it is an incomplete collection if one story remains unknown,” replied the Midnight Owl.

The eagle, with a glint of understanding in its eyes, spoke, “Not all stories are meant to be known. Some tales are like shadows, present yet unseen. They dwell in the silent spaces between words, in the unsung melodies, and in the dreams yet to be dreamt.”

Pondering the eagle’s words, the Midnight Owl realized that some mysteries were essential to the balance of existence. The story of you, though unknown, held a unique magic that kept the universe curious and ever-searching.

Embracing this newfound understanding, the Midnight Owl returned to its forest, continuing its role as the guardian of tales. Yet, it always held a special reverence for the one story it did not know, cherishing the wonder and mystique it brought to the world.

October 26, 2023

This was inspired by my annual visit to my doctor. For the first time in my life, I was matched with a new doctor who listened to my life story, and was accepting, open minded, and supportive.


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