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Modus Ponens

November 2020

25 responses to “Modus Ponens”

  1. Okay, those stickers on that guardrail is quite a nice surprise. Given the bleak look of the bare trees behind it, you’d think this was a place where not a lot of motorists would pass by. Maybe the scenery is different during the spring or summer months which would get people sticking those stickers as if the guardrail is some kind of photo album of their memories going through that road.

  2. That’s quit a number of stickers on that modus. Imagine how devoted people are to stop by and paste their sticker. Cools

  3. I never expected that people will put a sticker on that guardrail. We will never know why the first person placed a sticker on it on the first place.

  4. This view is more than just the stickers posted but the image behind the stickered object. So lovely a view. I love it

  5. What an excellent mix of the commercial and the inborn. The mountain and the horizon look fantastic. I’m sure you could marvel at all the logos here for days. Sweet pic!

  6. This photo showcases the beautiful blend of nature and man made features. A truly wonderful photo in every sense of the word.

  7. This has to be the most peaceful modus I have seen ha ha. Your skills are in full show here and you made a highway look so good. Props to you!!!!

  8. Wow! I love it. Oh my what a beautiful mountain with lot of trees. How I wish to be there walking along the street putting some stickers on the fence. A nice place for sight seeing. Very great.

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