27 thoughts on “Moment Of Clarity

  1. This is the moment that every other thing doesn’t matter. You focus one the real deal. Nice colourful flower

  2. Focusing on a thing means tending to it properly. I like the focus and it makes the flower blossom more.

  3. I am not a plant guy but at times it is nice to pause and focus on things. We can see the world in a different light once we do. Good photo.

  4. This flower image is very good and focused so it looks clear and bright. The clarity of the picture can be seen where the background becomes blurry.

  5. Flowers alqaya gives me butterflies. It just feels so good to see beautiful photos like this.

  6. I like the color of this flower, it shows how flourishing one can be if well nurtured just like this flower.

  7. Such beauty will only show itself if the nature if full of life. I am happy such endemic fauna strives to live its life.

  8. This shot says it all. Perfect definition of clarity. I’m a plant mom I’m always fascinated by flowers.

  9. Well, this picture clearly does focus on flowers. But this picture has made my head dizzy when I have tried to observe the area around the flower. 🙂

  10. The fade out effect on the edges of the photo looks awesome. I like the techniques you employ in your shots.

  11. The flowers are ripe and ready for poliination. They’ll be turning into fruits in no time.

  12. Shine as the yellow flower in the picture. Stand out amongst other. And be clear to everyone.

  13. It sure is a moment of clarity, the yellow colour of the flower is so bright and beautiful. What a moment to treasure.

  14. Yeah, moment of clarity is that moment that supersedes other moments. Nice and good flower. I love it.

  15. Staring at nature, especially exotic flowers brings true serenity and makes you appreciate the little things. All the material stresses in life can be relieved by natural beauty.

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