May 2017

25 thoughts on “Monachopsis

  1. Wow, what has kept this once lovely building out of place? Abandoned, subtle and misplaced. What a damaged home

  2. Just imagining how the inside will look creepy and scary because no doubt this abandoned building is in the middle of no where. Monachopsis indeed, just a perfect caption.

  3. This looks like one of those old churches. Well now that we are on crisis, I imagine churches will take long before it can be normal. All churches worldwide actually.

  4. What a place and the color edit, black and white makes it more scary but you did give it a good shot all the same.

  5. Another location that is creepy as hell. I would like to see some one stay inside that house overnight.

  6. This picture really evokes quite a sadness in me. I just couldn’t place how, or what is making me feel that way.

  7. This doesn’t look a living house to me. It looks like a haunted house for a movie. I might be wrong though.

  8. This house clearly does not look well maintained. But I like the location, by seeing a hill there.

  9. This must have been a cozy house in its hay days. But as with everything, it has come to its end.

  10. This house reminds me of the peaceful countryside life. I wish I could live in the countryside.

  11. There appears to be no electric lines connected to the house. Life here must not have been easy.

  12. It would be very easy to convert this house into a church. It already has the general design of a church.

  13. You have a lot of photos featuring abandoned properties. Suffice to say all of them are very well shot.

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