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Monster Garage (Edit)


13 responses to “Monster Garage (Edit)”

  1. I feel sorry for the Cadillac!!! Its glory days are way behind it. A good visit to the shop will do it good. Bring it back to life I guess.

  2. Looks like my grandpa’s garage of his old not working again vehicle. Lovely edited garage, lovely done.

  3. What! This is a very old car in the garage. looking at it, it looks like it was the king of cars in its time.

  4. Ha, awesome how you positioned the camera face first to this shabby vehicle. Reminds me of the broken down car in The Mask movie. Love the green and love the rust. This is an edgy photo.

  5. Oh wow, is there any chance that old car could be fixed up again and be as good as new? It’s a shame that it’s left at that garage to rot away.

  6. Lovely colour choice, the garage looks really attractive. Just that I dont this this vehicle still works?

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