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Morning In The Forest

Morning In The Forest

October 2019

15 responses to “Morning In The Forest”

  1. The same view I am enjoying everytime I go back to my hometown. Fresh and clean air. Cool surrounding.

  2. This road will be good for self discovery, just you and you alone talking and listening to self. Road is just cool.

  3. Nice photograph you made out there. The picture quality is pretty cool and matured in colors. Thanks for this post Tom.

  4. Anytime I see you post, I am enacted and eager to view you photographic exposure. Cool morning it is Tom

  5. I can definitely feel the cold breeze wafting in with the scent of those trees mixed in. It looks very peaceful and everything is still.

  6. The type of time for a drive. Think about it no traffic just you and the road. Where does it lead to??? Well, hopefully to brighter things. This can symbolize how life should be as well.

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