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Motel Blues

June 2018

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    • I have a few of those old cameras. My favorites are my medium format 120mm camera, and of course, my 4×5 inch camera. I would photograph using them, but the cost of film and the subsequent development often makes using them costly.

  1. Hmmm… quite interesting for me, trying to think of your thoughts when taking this picture. And the title has reminded me of the song from Wainwright’s second album :).

  2. Wow! What a beautiful capture. I love the way you have focused on this sign and the clouds on the background.

  3. Such signs are often found along highways. Actually they are erected high enough to be visible afar.

  4. This is no motel? rather than a sign that says motel he he, This will look better at night with lights and all.

  5. I just like the beauty of this photo. The blue and clear sky. This photo was well taken. It really nice.

  6. This photo looks like a signpost to direct people to a motel. I like the ambiance and the sky color too.

  7. It has a lonely yet satisfying aura to it. The photo feels like you just finished a good travel and you stumble upon this motel to find a good nights rest. Just love it.

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