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Mountainside Fog

October 2018

14 responses to “Mountainside Fog”

  1. Honestly this is the most prettiest and serene Image I have seen all day apart from watching my baby nap. I wish I could just sit here and stare at it all day.

  2. This is nice..their is a correlation between the title and the photograph…I love this picture

  3. The perfect shot of the day. I love the way you captured the foreground with trees and background with fog.

  4. This is so beautiful,this reminds me of my first day at a natural resort some years,the image still lingers on. I almost called the place my heaven. it was really heavenly.

  5. This photo is so cute, it feels good to be caught in such a place but it just a wish. I just love the calmness.

  6. I like all the different coloured trees and the clear blue sky. The fog actually adds an uplifting ambience and doesn’t deter from the the picture.

  7. Makes me wonder how can you take this shot??? Do you have people working for you? In any case this is a great photo.

  8. Just seeing this picture makes me want to have some hot chocolate and snuggle under the covers. Crisp scent of pine, and the aroma of s’mores over a campfire. Truly relaxing.

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