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Mr. Moose


September 2016

15 responses to “Mr. Moose”

  1. Where are you living exactly? A moose in broad daylight? Or is this a park or something which statues are around? Anyway it is a good illusion. I even thought it was real.

  2. I always see this animal on television.. I look forward to the time I will see it live..great shot buddy

  3. It took me a moment to figure out that this is a statue and not the real moose. The photo makes it look so real.

  4. The green background almost confused me to think that this is a live moose. This shot is perfectly done.

  5. One of my favorite wild animals. Maybe because they are in abundance at my place. Great shot.

  6. A perfect shot of a moose. Sorry but I can’t see it clear whether it’s true or a phony made of wood 😀

  7. i hope I can conveniently say Hey Mr Moose,hope today is green. I do this animal only on Tv. I hope we have it in my country.

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