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March 2015

24 responses to “Mulligrubs”

  1. What does this term even mean? Anyway, this gives me a province vibe since we have houses like these here. I guess you are going for the retro look because otherwise there should be color in this. Make it pop I guess.

  2. I see a two-story house, made of very cozy wood to spend such a hostile winter, as seen in the photo.

  3. I am excited about such a wooden house in which I can spend my vacation days, in the longest winter season.

  4. This picture was taken during the winter, making everything around it look dry. I believe once winter is over everywhere will look more alive.

  5. Very few people appreciate monochromes today. Most prefer vivid colors that burst with life. This image shows just how everything can be beautiful even if the colors we love were removed.

  6. This is a Serene environment.. The house looks old and abandoned though but I love the character of the place

  7. I love this pic, the black and white effect makes it looks mysterious and makes to fly my imagination.

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