My Diary From Age 7

Oh sweet nostalgia, how you catch me in your sugary snare! Gather ‘round, lovely people, for today I share the most illustrious words of a budding young authoress—7-year-old me! Lovingly preserved by my mom, the diary documents the grand odyssey to my grandparents’ farm in Upstate New York. Prepare for a rollercoaster ride through the wacky, whimsical wonderings of my juvenile mind.

Ah, the undeniable zenith of my childhood obsessions—Ghostbusters! The adventures of Spengler, Stantz, Venkman, and Zeddemore were my daily bread, their fearless ghost-busting my divine inspiration. My diary teems with the tales of my own spectral pursuits amid the charming disarray of my grandparents’ farm.

Ah, one can’t forget the harrowing tale of extraterrestrial encounters, well, almost! My diary is littered with sketches of saucers and little green men, recounting the day I braved the unknown, risking life and limb to witness a mysterious UFO! I can almost feel my heartbeat as I dashed through the fields, my small legs tangling in the tall grass, determined to greet our celestial visitors. Little me, bless her little heart, was convinced that the streak of light soaring through the vast, inky canvas was a spaceship from a galaxy far, far away. Oh, how my heart raced, my mind a whirlwind of interstellar dreams! The reality, a mere shooting star, a beautiful celestial wanderer lost in the infinite cosmos, was no less magical but somewhat less extraterrestrial than my imaginative young soul had hoped. Nonetheless, it was a glorious adventure, one filled with stardust, wonder, and a touch of alien intrigue!

The memories swirl to the sunny afternoons spent in our treehouse “fort,” a haven of whimsy and make-believe. Here, the grandest spectacle of them all unfolded, our very own puppet show, chronicled in my treasured diary, with the excited scribbles and colorful swirls of a young impresario. With bated breath and glittering eyes, we maneuvered our makeshift puppets—ragtag concoctions of old socks, buttons, and enthusiasm—over a ramshackle stage of wooden planks and dreams.

Oh, how the musings of a 7-year-old make the heart giggle! It’s a world where imagination knows no bounds and where every animal has a secret life, ripe with adventures and untold tales. Every time I read this diary, I feel like I should give my younger self a gentle pat on the head and say, “Oh honey, you had no idea how amusing your observations were!” And, of course, a big hug and thank you to my mom for preserving this gem of cringeworthy creativity.


    • Thomas Slatin

      When I was just a little girl, my dad stumbled upon my diary and discovered my writings about all the girls I had crushes on. He didn’t react too well to it, unfortunately. However, my mom was completely accepting and later shared with me that she had known all along. To this day, my mom and I share a wonderful, close relationship. My mom and my wife are best friends. 🙂

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