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My First Camera

November 2020

23 responses to “My First Camera”

  1. Seeing your first camera simply means that you do treasure this thing. I am really happy to know that such passion still exists and can be used as an icon to our younger generation.

  2. Once first camera really means alot, having used canon as your first camera really means alot. Nice tool tom, you are lucky

  3. Seriously, it looks better than some peoples current camera. Means you take good care of ur machine….nice you

  4. Wonderfull picture, I hadn’t seen one of those cameras in years. I remember my mom used to have one.

  5. Still looks like a glorified camera! I bet it holds a lot of importance being that it’s what started you on your journey. Sweet pic!

  6. I have read a fair bit about your first camera but never actually seen it. It’s nice to finally see it.

  7. I am surprised the camera is still in such a good condition. You sure know how to take care of your stuff!

  8. I can barely locate stuff of mine that I had a week ago yet here you are with a camera you first owned decades ago. Very impressive to say the least.

  9. Getting hold of such a camera today must be near impossible. That makes this camera immensely valuable.

  10. Oh I can’t even remember where I dumped mine. I can remember getting one from my late uncle. A cute little camera on my 5th birthday. Good that you kept yours well

  11. Oh wow, that sure brings back memories. I had a photography class when I was still studying in college, and my late dad gave me his camera to take pictures around with. Pretty sure it’s the same model as your first camera.

  12. I imagine you are not using this now but it will always be special to you. We all have this as sentimental value. If anything this reminds you of your journey. Thanks for sharing!!!!

  13. This was your first waoo camera, it will always be your first and you will always want to keep it, I’m sure of that.

  14. You are nothing but a super being Tom. To have kept your camera up-to-date. I love canon too.

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