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My Morning Coffee

December 2020

21 responses to “My Morning Coffee”

  1. I can really relate to that. I really enjoy drinking coffee especially the newly grind ones. Sometimes if I have a headache, one cup of americano will take that away.

  2. I personally still find it difficult making coffee in the morning, taste somehow to me. I prefer tea. Nice shot

  3. Coffee in the morning awakens my soul and body, making the day lovely. I just love coffee but too much of it affects me. Lovely picture man

  4. I love this picture, though I stopped drinking coffee a while ago. I found out that it didn’t allow me to me sleep properly.

  5. Dark tone for morning coffee. Love your artistic spin on it! It will probably scare off caffeine addicts.

  6. I am a no coffee person but I wouldn’t mind some sips of it when offered. I like my green tea more. it more nutritious and valuable

  7. I do not really drink coffee as it does not seem to agree with me but I do see its value. A sip or two is okay but I do not prefer it. If I do drink coffee then it has to be with milk as pure ones does are not that enjoyable.

  8. I absolutely love coffee! I definitely can drink 2 mugs a day, probably 3 on some days. Morning coffee is always the best coffee for me.

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