The other day, Angie asked me why I started a blog. My answer was that I wanted to share my writing, creativity, and life experiences with the world. But that was only half the answer…

As a child, I had dreamed of one day becoming a writer, while my parents thought I would be better off as a doctor or business man. Today, much of my writing is as random and irrelevant as the full-page articles one might find in The New Yorker Magazine, which often covers topics such as the hard-to-find items once found in produce section of the author’s local supermarket. Some years back, The New Yorker wrote an article about my family around the time when I was growing up in New York City. Perhaps that makes me pre-dispositioned to a life that is anything but ordinary.

A handful of posts I have written have the irrelevant style of The New Yorker and the sarcasm of Cockeyed. Who else would have a series of photos of myself and Angie in blue sweatshirts? Instead of filling up my blog with useless nonsense and sarcastic posts regarding insignificant topics, my father suggested I begin writing poetry again. Let’s face it; I’m much better being sarcastic than poetic, and as crazy as it seems, my mindless posts get more traffic than their academic counterparts.

In todays society, we are obsessed with the mundane as a contrast to structured education. And as soon as the Internet took over our lives, we became constantly bombarded with irrelevant and useless information, the likes of which The New Yorker has found a way to capitalize upon by describing the mundane with words only seldom spoken by the likes of modern day college philosophy professors.

Several years ago, to prove a point about how society was becoming increasingly obsessed with stupidity, I auctioned off a half-finished bottle of Mountain Dew on eBay. Not only are we as a society fascinated by the mindless, but if something is for sale, regardless of how useless or wasteful, someone will always be willing to pay money for it.

Don’t get me wrong, I like The New Yorker, but take any topic, regardless of how boring, mundane, irrelevant, or stupid, write a two-page article about how idiotic it is using words found only in an unabridged dictionary, and people will come from miles around to pay for the opportunity to read it.

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