It often saddens me to see people working mindless, menial, and often dead-end jobs with little pay in the name of progress.  It seems as a society that the vast majority of us are more than willing, and often eager to trade our precious and fleeting time in exchange for money.  We fear losing our jobs and likewise, our loss of income.  Employers notoriously leverage control out of fears of job loss, so we seldom consider alternative means of income.  Welcome to the new age; a society so dependent upon our employment that we will do exactly as we are told to keep our jobs.

People like me who constantly look at the way things are through the lens of how they might be improved, or made better, are slowly becoming a dying breed.  It seems to me that most people are content and complacent with the way things are, and generally lack the strength, creativity, or courage to try to make things better.  I am not someone who is ever satisfied with accepting anything as-is.  I’m constantly looking for ways to make things better; to improve upon what someone else has created and to encourage others to do the same is perhaps more beneficial to the human condition than anyone could ever possibly imagine.

I just want to see, hear, experience, and know everything, writing and documenting what I have learned.  Society went wrong when knowledge, opportunity, and basic human needs became controlled through capitalist ideals.

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