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Nature’s Poetry

Nature's Poetry


28 responses to “Nature’s Poetry”

  1. This really makes me fall in love, I feel so excited for that nice photo, that flower is just beautiful

  2. Unbelievable colour and definition in this shot. Nature sure has a way of locking you in perfect harmony.

  3. Such a very graceful flower. Trees and plants are really nature’s poems all for us to appreciate and love.

  4. The color combination is all I see. I like the blend of purple here. it makes the shot really awesome

  5. I have to agree. It helps if we appreciate nature and slow down once in a while. Learn to see things as they are.

  6. Nature is fantastic and I love anything that deals with nature. Let appreciate nature more and for me, flowers makes me smile good

  7. Such a beautiful endemic flower. I really hope this flower will spread its pollen and bloom even more.

  8. For people who like to speak through writing, nature can also be used as poetry. A good photo, natural beauty is a gift of god that we should enjoy and preserve.

  9. Yeah, a beautiful photo with a background of green leaves. There are so many inspirations that nature can give us, natural beauty has always been an attraction for artists.

  10. Oh wow, that pictrure is very artistic, the colors look vibrant and with perfectly balanced contrast.

  11. I am in love with the title. I couldn’t come up with a better one if I tried – Nature’s Poetry.

  12. Photos like these remind me everyday how lucky we are to be part of this beautiful world. We need to take care of it.

  13. Looking at nature, you see beauty. That’s why I call girls nature cause of their beauty inside and outside

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