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NATX 160069

NATX 160069

Chester Rail Depot
Chester, Vermont, United States

November, 2020

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  1. For an old depot this still looks good. It can be a decent land mark in case you get lost ha ha. Is it still in service? Anyway good shot as always.

  2. The railroad depot makes the picture quite unique. I really like the way the picture was taken.

  3. How I wish we still have old railroad depot. I’m very fun of hearing stories which involves railroads. Well being able to one even in picture only is already an achievement for me. Quite a unique subject for a picture.

  4. The place where this train passes looks quite desolate and the material in which these houses are made looks worn, perhaps because of the time they have been or perhaps due to weather conditions.

  5. Ran a search, based on the caption. “NATX” seems to indicate that these were non-common carrier trains, from the North American Tank Line, apparently. Those supply trains probably brought petrol or similar products through, when they were still in use. However, now that they’re no longer in operation, they’re gaining a lot of rust.

    I wonder if those trains (and the depot) can be repurposed, somehow. It would be a waste to have them all decay, without being put to some form of good use.

  6. Amazing photo you have there. Just seeing the photo makes me feel a distant feeling like I want to go to the country side and bask with nature. I would love to go there and take pictures as well.

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