Never Fuck With A Writer

Throughout history, writers have been responsible for reporting the news, expressing their views, and giving their readers the inside scoop. Writers are folks who use their writing to communicate with the masses, generally through print media such as newspapers and magazines, and more recently, over the Internet through the use of blogs and websites.

Since the advent of the Internet and blogs, the role of the writer has, in recent years, become more important and influential. Writers of today have the potential to reach far more people than those of their predecessors. Writers serve the masses with what matters most, whether it be reporting on political happenings, local events, changes in or the evolution of society, or the human condition in general. This far reach of the writer give talented, accurate writers who write about very important events a lot of power and influence. In fact, a handful of bloggers have blogged their way to celebrity status, while others have exposed the secrets of politics, and influenced dramatic changes in government.

I like to think that my writing has a positive effect on others, but in all reality, I as a writer am an abuser of the first amendment; the right to free speech and freedom of the press. I think and write about everything, all day, every day. I know my rights, and being that I’m also a freelance photographer and website designer, to some, this makes me danger to society. But then again, any creative person who has access to a computer and has any sort of intelligence to be an independent thinker is considered to be somewhat of a danger to society.

It’s sad really that as a society, we are now raising a generation of people who for whatever reason, simply accept things the way they are, fail to question authority, and are unable or unwilling to think for themselves. It is the writers who usually fall victim to being blamed for the problems of society; books get banned, writers get slandered, and journalists get executed for reporting what is happening behind the scenes. The absolute wrong thing to do in this situation is attack or irritate those who document of our fragile times; the writers, journalists, photographers, and bloggers are the people who make it their life mission to educate and inform the masses as to what’s really happening. Although all of this scrutiny flies in the faces of many politicians, it is these same politicians and government officials who are powerless to do anything but uphold the protective laws of the constitution and bill of rights, regardless of how frequently these rights are abused.

And for this reason, I remind you not to mess with writers. Although we’re underpaid, we deliver the real uncensored reality to you, despite how small or insignificant the situation might be. I choose to report and document everything that happens in my life, as well as my life experiences, especially how in today’s educational system, we lack what is truly important in life; the arts, and the lost art of writing. As the educational system gets more and more watered-down due to budget cuts, overpopulation, and inadequate teaching methods, we are teaching our generation only useless factual information, when we should be teaching our generation to be a group of independent thinkers. In today’s world, we are only concerned with money, and college degrees. Success is a multi-dimensional equation that cannot simply be measured only on paper, but on how well a person does in real life.

Let me just say that the world needs more writers. And by writers, I do not mean average everyday people with blogs or websites about gossip or fluff. We need writers who think for themselves, speak the truth despite the eventual consequences, and who go out on a limb, taking risks in order to express their true feelings and educate others for the betterment of society as a whole.

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