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New York City


New York City
October 2009

9 responses to “New York City”

  1. Wow! How long did you stop in the middle of the road to get this photo? It is a great photo composition! Kudos.

  2. New York City is so planned and straight. That’s a road repair and people respected that….Seriously the economy makes the people different from some other part of the world

  3. New York city is a placed I did like to visit. This photo output is so clean and neat. Thanks for this shot.

  4. A still shot of an otherwise very busy city street. This is really exquisite, as it captures everything in that exact moment where time seemed to have stopped for you to take a picture of.

  5. It is a good photo but I do not like the stuff in the middle of the road. Can you imagine in a busy day? It will be so accident prone. Whether it is New York or anywhere. Very stylish take.

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