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Night Drive

Night Drive

January 2020

17 responses to “Night Drive”

  1. I really like the cinematic look and feel of this picture. The way you captured it is absolutely incredible and amazing in every possible way!

  2. It is seen that it is very night and also a very lonely night, but it would not be so lonely, if you are well accompanied.

  3. This is a good shot but if we are talking about driving at night then I rather not do it. You do not know what or who is waiting at the other side of the road and makes it dangerous. Better safe than sorry I suppose.

  4. There is always a cool feelings driving at night, lovely colour produced from beam of light from head lights of cars. But very dangerous anyways to drive at night. Nice shot

  5. I have always liked driving home during night time. Everything is quieter, and the night brings cool breezes I sometimes open the car windows to get a deep breath of.

  6. I truly like the artistic look and feel of this image. The manner in which you caught it is totally extraordinary and astonishing.

  7. I personally don’t love night driving, through I love the color combination display of the different vehicles. Your shot got me. Thanks for the colorful post.

  8. Great picture, it looks like a scene of cotidianity showing someone driving late on night… Maybe trying to get home.

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