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No More Counting Sheep

No More Counting Sheep

July 2019

15 responses to “No More Counting Sheep”

  1. Very cold and still look to this photo. The emptiness of the room adds a very gloomy undertone.

  2. Perfect and great photography you have made man. The room looks abandoned, so I wonder what might have happened in there.

  3. I always love the beds that are near the window at the corner. Best place to wake up in the morning.

  4. The sense of isolation in this picture is quite eerie. There’s so much mystery to the photo.

  5. It all depends on how much trouble you have sleeping. I kinda used to count sheep but now no because my body clock has adjusted. To the photo though, I think the room needs clean up if anyone would use it.

  6. lovely room it looks like a dormitory apartment but the bed wasn’t laid for me. But it is a sweet looking photo

  7. I’m the type of person who can easily sleep anywhere, and I can see myself doing that while laying in that bed too. It doesn’t take too much to make me sleepy. The rather muted display of light against shadow makes me think of a cloudy or overcast sky, perfect bed weather enough for sleeping.

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