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September 2017

23 responses to “Noir”

  1. It looks like an old classroom here in the Philippines. It is destroyed now but I hope it can be renovated.

  2. This looks a damaged hallway that could be broken any time if more legs step on it. I still like your shot.

  3. Cant imagine myself walking on this woody hallway, but looks weak and dangerous. I wont want to break my legs. Lovely out Tom

  4. This place is perfect for movies for crim scene investigation or horror films. The effect is really great. Very eerie.

  5. Cool cabin. this looks perfect for a horror movie. The Black and White filter made the photo look dramatic..

  6. I found someone can step on that Woody stuff, it looks like what will give way anytime soon

  7. Looks scary for me, will scream my eyes pop out if I have compulsory to walk on this weak wood. Guy you really are the best taking pictures here. Thumbs up

  8. To be honest I Do not know what noir meant but I can tell this is old. It will collapse anytime by the looks of it so it is time for a renovation. Good shot!!!

  9. I wonder how you took this photo. I would be very scared to step on such an old wood floor.l

  10. Great long shot exemplifying the dirty walkway. I think this photo would have had a very different feel if it weren’t in black and white. I get a chilling sensation just looking at this cabin.

  11. Beautiful nostalgic aura created by the black and white. Please upload more photos like this.

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