May 2018

16 thoughts on “Norfolk Southern 8069

  1. Looking forward to the Hogwarts Express! Kidding aside, trains + woods are just about one of my favorite photography subjects. This is a really well executed shot.

  2. This is a desert right? With the withered tree and dryness it should be a dry land. You shot this well as well.

  3. This is the beauty of nature been displayed here in this picture. I love the direction of focus for this photograph. Thanks for this post Tom, it can be used as desktop wall paper.

  4. IT’s amazing the nature in its different moods. I like it green but I also like when it continues with the life cycle and gets dry, and reborns.

  5. Why is it abandoned? This is different from parks that I have seen so far. Perhaps this is just a part of the whole area? If it is then it is a different perspective.

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