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Not So Picture Perfect

Not So Picture Perfect


12 responses to “Not So Picture Perfect”

  1. This has been a very bad breakage for the glass window. I think someone is trying to get inside and broke the window to get the lock.

  2. Really shattered in the cause of it been abandoned. The colour choice of this pictures is superb. I love it

  3. The broken glass looks like it could fall over at any time now. Getting injured while taking pictures is not a pretty sight even if just to get a really good shot, so please always be careful when exploring

  4. I love this shot, it looks very clear and pretty dramatic. By the way, I’ve always wondered why most of this abandoned places have the windows broken. I don’t think the old owners broke them before leaving…

  5. Who wanna say the picture isn’t taking or captured perfectly?. Tom its so cool. The window must have been damaged through riots or fight.

  6. A broken photo can’t be a perfect photo and the caption clearly says it all. This is a lovely photo though with a right caption.

  7. You call this an off night shot but how can it still look so cool. As if the glass is breaking in slow motion. This is a very good photo.

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