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Nothing But Blue Skies

June 2018

13 responses to “Nothing But Blue Skies”

  1. The blue sky would really stand out if there were no clouds. It’s still a very lovely photo.

  2. As usual your shots of nature are always the most beautiful. This one is no exception 🙂

  3. The cloud looks like a sleeping face!!! Wow that is pretty rare if you ask me and could be a sign of good things to come.

  4. Such clear skies! It reminds me of a very fine day. I hope my summer turns out with skies like these.

  5. Look at all those wispy, puffy clouds. This entire shot is very relaxing and serene. Thank you for sharing such beauty.

  6. This is the kind of sky I love to sight. The sky blue color can be so mild to eyes and a good view if one need to sight it.

  7. This is an awesome picture ..the combination of white and blue gives the picture attractive look

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