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Nowhere Diary

Nowhere Diary

March 2019


15 responses to “Nowhere Diary”

  1. Impressive landscape! I love the swirls in the sky against the industrial view with the open railroad tracks! A lovely image indeed!

  2. Lovely railroad befitting for good people of the world. This is another shot well captured for my pleasure.

  3. Such a clear and clean photo there. It looks like those shot you take when on an exploration journey.

  4. I love the way you captured so many things on one picture. Can tell you so much about the place.

  5. I’ve always wanted to wander around, and find myself in the middle of nowhere. I find it calming to an extent, just the way it’s all serene sometimes. That shot speaks of all those nowhere places I’ve ever been to, and I find it very nostalgic.

  6. The atmosphere here is really exciting. It seem a place that can be accommodating for everyone.

  7. It is great to see that the snow is not that strong or heavy. I remember what happened to Michigan due to the worst drop of temperature.

  8. The clarity is brilliant in this picture. I would really like to know the model of your camera.

  9. It’s a good thing the snow didn’t entirely cover the train track. That would be disastrous for the trains.

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