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Number 90


May 2009

13 responses to “Number 90”

  1. So durable and stronger that what we have this days. Lovely memory filled with this picture . Thanks for sharing

  2. Very old in deed, cant compare to this days train. Nice shot Toms, really brought back old memories of slow trains with lots of noise

  3. One of the most useful means of transportation available today. Whether we realize it or not, trains are often a symbol of life. Everyone gets older, no one can ever stop the train…

  4. I assume it refers to the train model? I am just not familiar with this system. IT looks sturdy though but then again old models are like that. As suppose to what we have now!!!

  5. Is this the Hogwarts Express? I wish it is, I’ve been waiting forever to get my letter from Hogwarts to study there. Kidding aside, we sure have come a really long way from coal fed, steam engine powered trains. A lot of nostalgia captured in one picture.

  6. I’m always facsinated to trains. I haven’t rode a train like that since childhood. Nice photography.

  7. I love how the steam dominates the shot even in black and white. Great definition in this pic and camera placement.

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