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NYPD Auxiliary

NYPD Auxiliary

November 2019

10 responses to “NYPD Auxiliary”

  1. The crime fighters. Nice output Tom. Always showing professionalism in all your pictures… thanks always

  2. I love how they painted their police cars. In our country, it’s just a simple word police and not by states.

  3. This picture was taken at night and still this clean and clear. Thanks for this photograph post. You are best Tom.

  4. I always give props to these guys. it has been said that when you are a cop your one leg is already in the grave. I agree because they fight battles that ordinary people cannot. All to keep us safe.

  5. The shot is clean and clear. This is one car will love to be part of its mission. Fighting crime I guess

  6. I always like to sight the police vehicle any way. It shows they will combating any issue as early as possible.

  7. Looks like you caught the police car on patrol on that stretch of a fairly busy street. I like how the shot made the emergency vehicle lighting shine like some kind of halo. We do need this light to shine through the literal darkness of crime and chaos that has our entire country in disarray.

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